Thermal Imaging Project

Thermal Imaging Project

A thermal image is a picture based on heat instead of light. So a thermal image of a house shows warm parts in bright colours (red or yellow) and cold parts in dark colours (blue or black). This shows where the house is loosing heat and so wasting fuel and costing money – perhaps even more importantly contributing to global warming.

With help from Wiltshire Council, and in collaboration with Westlea Housing Association, we have been able to purchase a thermal imaging camera and are engaged in producing images of homes to enable residents to see where they are loosing heat and how they can reduce these losses.

Our first project is Birch Grove in Chippenham, a road of 60 post-war houses. We are producing and printing an image of each house and we will then have an evening when residents can come and collect their image and, if they like to, discuss it with us and perhaps we can help in pointing out where improvements are possible and where to go for assistance.

With experience gained in Birch Grove we next plan to tackle Kington St Michael village. This village has about 200 houses ranging from 300+ years to 3 years old.

A thermal image of a typical Wiltshire cottage in Kington St. Michael. The 2ft thick walls are a good insulation (shown as black) but lots of heat is escaping via the windows and door and along the wall to roof joint (shown as orange).  The figures at the bottom show the temperature range indicated by the colour spectrum. The 2ft thick walls are a good insulation (as shown by the dark black) but lots of heat is escaping via the windows and door and along the wall to roof joint.

Thermal Imaging project champion demonstrates CAVE’s thermal imaging camera to MPs Simon Hughes and Duncan Hames.

An evening ‘drop-in’ session at which images are given to residents, supported by Wiltshire Council’s Community Climate Change Officer, Sarah Cosentino..

CAVE - information

A voluntary group of people from Chippenham and the surrounding villages who are keen to oil the wheels of environmental change for the future. By working together we can really make a difference.

Who are we?
  • Local people, all voluntary.
  • Supported by the district council BUT not run by the council.
  • People who have an interest in making things happen for the good in our area.
  • Mixed background, all private individuals.
What we stand for
  • We want to improve our quality of life and the quality of our local environment by engaging on global and local issues.
  • We believe in a more sustainable lifestyle, but we recognise it is not always easy to do this.
  • We want to represent the community and help people change things in the area and protect the environment for future generations.
  • We want to put more pride into our community.
CAVE and You
  • Do you need help with an environmental project?
  • Are you worried about climate change?
  • Do you want to see people and businesses doing more to help the environment?
  • Do you want to see better environmental education for our children?
  • Have you thought of ways to improve the quality of life in our area?
What are we doing?
  • Focusing on helping schools and local businesses with a programme of initiatives.
  • Undertaking a range of voluntary projects that will improve our local environment and contribute to sustainable development.
  • Facilitating other groups in the area, putting people in touch, filling the gaps.
  • Lobbying our local politicians and council for improvements.